About us

TILESTONE Pools is an experienced monobloc tiled pool and spa manufacturer with worldwide dealer network at this date.

We design and manufacture one piece pools and spa with overflow and skimmer filtration systems, one side overflow or infinity edge. Custom made multiple element pools are also possible with multiple desings and possibilities of installations.

All range of pools can be supplied with MARINE Inox pool parts made by our factory, aswell we supply pools with ready fit automatic pool covers, pump rooms or full pool automatisation systems.

Experience the diversity of the Tilestone swimming pool range, available in different sizes & designs. The Tilestone can be produced as skimmer pool, overflow pool or infinity edge pool. Our unique manufacturing process ensures 100% leak-free pool structure prior to tiling.

All Tilestone pools are fully insulated with a thermal conductivity of 0.25 W / m²K. The Tilestone self-supporting steel frame enables the pool to be installed above or below ground, ideal for roof-top installations or basements. Contact our design team and let us help you to design the pool that dreams are made of. Sectional pool structures also available.

We are manufacturing automatic pool covers and overflow tanks, so every pool can be fully assembled and be delivered with all necessary equipment installed.
86 chemin de la Granelle, 30320 Marguerittes, FRANCE
+33 601105389

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